Port Renfrew is fortunate to be home to the Port Renfrew Salmon Enhancement Society (PRSES). This volunteer effort has taken a long range view to enhancing the sustainability of fishing in these fabulous Pacific waters.

The PRSES was formed in 2010 to increase survival of Chinook salmon. In the local San Juan River, the survival rate of fry is currently about [one half of one percent] .5 of 1% and is similar to the survival rate of Washington State hatchery fry, whereas  the PRSES is getting at least a 2% survival rate with ocean net pen raised Chinook. For the last three years the Society has been raising and releasing 40,000 per year in their own Chinook Net pens with the capacity for 50,000 Chinook in the 2 pens that are anchored in San Juan Bay, [1 km South of Port Renfrew’s government wharf].

Thanks to PRSES, you can enjoy your salmon fishing experience knowing that this great group of folks is at work to ensure that you and your family can fish today, tomorrow, and beyond.

To find out more – including how to donate – visit portrenfrewsalmonenhancement.ca.